Terms of Service


  • Our Prospective Clients can get a hold of us by texting/calling 443-990-1110, emailing contact@calmcastle.com, filling out a webform, or submitting a service inquiry/order form

  • We promise that one of our Service Managers will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours--if not less.

  • Please note that because our vision is to operate a hyper-flexible schedule for all of our Workers, more than one person may be servicing your project. We promise to keep it feeling seamless for you.


  • We believe in highly transparent estimates so that you know exactly what you're going to get.

  • Once our Service Manager receives a project inquiry, he or she will email the Paying Client an itemized estimate for the entire project.

  • When the Paying Client accepts the estimate, the Service Manager will email the him or her an invoice for payment 1 (AKA downpayment).

  • Once the Paying Client pays the first invoice, the Service Manager will send the Paying Client a receipt. He or she will also send the Scheduling Client (if a different person than the Paying Client) our team's availability to execute their project within their requested time window.

  • We promise to schedule within 2-7 business days of payment for an ASAP project.

  • The Service Manager will repeat this process for all subsequent events, sending a progress invoice for payment 2 before the second event (or every 30 days), payment 3 before the third, and so on.

  • The Service Manager will send the final invoice upon emailing the final deliverable (for occupied staging projects), before destaging (for vacant staging projects), and upon project closure (for interior design projects).

  • We are able to split payments between multiple Clients, if needed.

  • We guarantee our itemized estimates for the scope of work the Paying Client describes. Should the scope of work be changed, our invoices will reflect the actual work done.

  • We will not charge extra for any additional work required on a project as a result of Calm Castle actions. We will immediately make it right.

  • However, we will charge extra for additional work caused by suppliers (like the return of broken merchandise), project site conditions (like the lack of electricity), or Client requests (like the return of unwanted merchandise).


  • When the Scheduling Client selects a convenient scheduling window, the Service Manager will send all Clients as well as the assigned Designer, Stager, and/or Assistant a project event invitation.

  • We prefer to schedule project events Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm Eastern so that our workers can maintain regular down-time with their friends and families.

  • However, we do offer flexible scheduling Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 8 pm when the Scheduling Client cannot take time off from other obligations.


  • We like to pay our Workers their due wages so we charge our Clients for any project-related travel our Workers conduct.

  • Our workers are happy to conduct meetings with Clients at the project site, their office or a local cafe of their choice.

  • We prefer to conduct heavy-labor projects (like vacant staging or interior design) on sites that have working electricity, running water, and 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit indoors and outdoors.

  • When necessary, we are able to work in light rain, 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit indoors and 40-100 degrees outdoors. However, we will charge the paying client on the next invoice an additional $50 tip per worker for conducting heavy labor in extreme conditions.

  • We will reschedule any project event in the next available window when weather or project site conditions prevent our Workers from servicing the project in a safe manner.

  • We serve a 60-mile radius from Ellicott City, which includes central Maryland and Washington, D.C.


  • We are happy to use the furniture and decor supplier of our Client's choice but cannot guarantee the condition of any merchandise we order from other companies---sorry!


We are available to provide face-to-face services, again! For your comfort and convenience, we will continuing to offer virtual occupied staging & interior design consultations for our high-risk Clients. 

Please contact us for details at 443-990-1110 or contact@calmcastle.com.

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