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Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Home staging Columbia, Maryland requires highly professional, relational service and perfectly scaled inventory to make every room stand out above the competition. Staging will make every property much more appealing and helps move the property off the market quickly—saving expensive price adjustments. In fact, we expect your return on investment to be at least four times the cost of our services. Home owners, property managers and realtors in Columbia might want to contact us for several reasons:

1. Home owners selling their homes may want to use us as an economical consultant. We conduct an analysis and prepare a report of what you can do to maximize the selling price of your home. We help you understand what to keep and what to pre-pack to present your house in the best light possible. We recommend which rooms would benefit from renting furniture and decor to optimize listing photos and showings. A $250 investments usually gets you thousands of dollars in sale price! Check out these before-and-after photos to prove what combination staging (repurposing home owner stuff AND renting our stuff) did for this property.

2. Realtors who want to get the best value for their clients love hiring us to help their clients sell an empty house. We have a vacant staging warehouse full of up-to-date furniture that we select for, deliver to, set up in, tear down, and pick up from any house or condo in Columbia and surrounding areas. As you can see from some of our before and after photos, having a room beautifully furnished can help potential buyers understand the scale and function of each room when viewing online and help them fall in love with the lifestyle your home offers when viewing in person.

3. Landlords, property managers and retirement community marketing departments with higher end apartments/condominiums can do model staging to get their units rented or sold faster. This luxury retirement community staged two renovated model units with furniture that new owners can purchase with the condominium. Once they sell a staged unit, they move the furniture to another, renovated unit to sell it faster.

4. Home owners who don’t want to sell but want to refresh the look of their home can hire us to fall in love with their home all over again. Because of our expertise in home staging, we also offer interior decoration projects, which are focused on repurposing most of your existing furniture and decor to get an improved look. It’s great for new home buyers who loved staging the house they just sold, too.

Calm Castle Home Staging is located in Ellicott City, MD, which means we are conveniently located to stage homes in Columbia, MD! Contact us if you want home staging in Columbia, MD! Call us at 443-990-1110 or email contact@calmcastle.com.

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