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Home Staging Baltimore City

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Oh, Charm City!

Home of Ravens superfans and Orioles fever.

Center of the world-renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital system.

Boasting more annual foot-traffic than Disney World.

A pillar to America’s Star Spangled history.

Yet—for a myriad of reasons ranging from property taxes to crime—a difficult realty market for would-be sellers in 2019.

That’s why some "Bal’morians" don’t believe that home staging is a worthwhile investment.

But staging can indeed help sell properties quicker, which reduces drops in pricing, by helping buyers envision the true potential of a property. Statistically, home staging can provide up to ten times return on investment, if done correctly. If you are a home owner or real estate agent who wants to tap into the many benefits of staging-done-right, but are not sure where to start, then this article is for you!

“Statistically, home staging can provide up to ten times return on investment, if done correctly."

One size certainly does not fit all in Baltimore, where every neighborhood features homes built from a different architectural style and floor plan than those in adjacent neighborhoods. Effective home staging requires a good understanding of the unique needs of each neighborhood, layout and target buyer of your property.

We have selected some of our favorite staging projects from various neighborhoods across Baltimore to demonstrate how home owners and real estate agents can succeed in overcoming the unique challenges presented by staging Baltimore City.

The below examples are taken from staging projects done by Calm Castle and other, similar companies across these Baltimore neighborhoods:

Staging Row Houses of Patterson Park North & East (with nearby Highlandtown)

Young professionals and newlyweds often gravitate towards traditional, long and narrow row homes, with economical, space-saver floor plans, such as those of the gentrified neighborhoods surrounding Patterson Park. These brick construction properties feature a front entry directly into a combination living/dining area, which continues to an open concept kitchen on the way out the back door. This type of property is highlighted best by using small scale furniture oriented on one of two focal walls, well-chosen contemporary art pieces, and no clutter!

In this example from our Highlandtown project, the focal wall is anchored with bright, floral wall art and the room is filled with an eclectic mix of transitional, modern, and industrial furniture. Remember, scaling is essential! As shown in the bedroom picture below, staging bedrooms with queen sized beds shows the actual scale of each room to help potential buyers imagine their furniture within.

Staging Single Family Houses of Greater Roland Park

Large families and multi-generational Bal'morians are usually attracted to single family homes with four or more bedrooms in neighborhoods with homes ranging from $250,000 to almost $2,000,000 in listing price. These sprawling spaces look best with large-scale furniture in every room, arranged according to the builder's intent. The dining room must have dining furniture--it cannot show as a piano room--and the living room must have seating for at least four people--it cannot show as a second office. In this Guilford property, the home owners did a great job staging the home as intended to maximize sales value for their target buyers. (Note: This house was not our project but we are definitely fans of their work!)

Home Staging Single Family Houses of North Baltimore, Guilford & Homeland

Smaller families starting out on their first or second home are drawn to medium size dwellings, and will often have to figure out how to optimize space in older layouts with smaller rooms and closed floor plans. This recent rehab by a local investor demonstrates one way of opening up the floor plan while maintaining the historic beauty of the wood flooring.

Staging New Construction Townhouses of Canton & Fells Point

Apartment and townhouse builders have invested heavily into the young professionals' playgrounds in Canton and Fells Point. Beautiful views, ease of access to tourist sites as well as a few quick turns to enter major highways makes these neighborhoods higher demand than other areas. Staging becomes even more important for these townhome builds, to make the most of their three to four floors with medium-sized rooms designed to maximize use of limited land. This custom townhouse in Fells Point is a good example of how proper staging, with well-defined scale and function, can beautifully showcase the large spaces these types of properties afford.

Home Staging Luxury Condominiums of Inner Harbor and Harbor East

Rich empty nesters, new Ravens football players, and industrial investors tend to love the full-amenities condominiums of the Inner Harbor. These properties stage well with full-scale furniture of luxury designs, usually incorporating a light, neutral palette. This Ritz-Carlton condominium on the water was a recent project of Calm Castle, and provides an excellent example of this type of property. (In this case, the buyer also wanted to purchase all of the furniture along with the property, which was definitely an added benefit to both the buyer and our company.)

For More Baltimore Home Staging Information

If you want more information on Calm Castle and our home staging services or need help selling or decorating a property in Baltimore City, contact us today! We provide itemized estimates on our occupied staging, vacant staging and interior decoration services! Call or text 443-990-1110 or email us at contact@calmcastle.com.

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