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Our Favorite Vendors

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

The bread and butter of this (and every) staging company are the home industry vendors with whom we work. When we build trust-based relationships with fellow vendors, we can feel comfortable referring our beloved clients to one another, knowing that our clients will be well-attended. Here are the top vendors with whom we regularly work and recommend:

1. Realtor - Goal-oriented Service with Head for Home Team

As one of my longest standing clients, George Belleville, owner of the Head for Home Team of Keller Williams Integrity in Ellicott City states, “I run my business like I ran my police department: it should be professional, responsive, timely and organized. Neither my clients nor my vendors should ever have to wait on me to make an appointment, follow up with a task, or pay a bill. I should run my business with integrity and professionalism and it should represent who I am as a person.” We love working with George and you will, too!

2. Mover - Free Storage with Maryland Movers

Another client team with whom we have the privilege to regularly work is Maryland

Movers. They are a stager's DREAM company because they offer multiple pick-ups for each residence (including from storage units) and up to 90 days of free storage! This means that you can hire them to pre-pack any furniture and decor that we deem non-critical to showing BEFORE you list and then they can come back to get the rest of your furniture AFTER you sell! They pick-up from MD, VA, DE & DC and they deliver to the entire east coast and all the way west to IN & IL. They offer full packing service as well as commercial relocation & installation of office furniture. Their 3% to discount for military, police & senior citizens also sweetens up the deal. Every client to whom we have referred them has been incredibly happy with their service!

3. Organizer - Decluttered & Downsized with Better Home Organizing

A much more recently blossoming business relationship is with Shannon Graham-Cornell of Better Home Organizing. She loves helping people work through major life transitions through organizing and decluttering. She is especially great at helping people work through divorce, death of a loved one, out-of-state move, or downsizing. Whether it's getting help with organizing papers or household goods, cataloging collections or photos, she is positive, encouraging and motivating.

4. Home Inspector - Excellence & Education with Sentinel Inspections

Jamal Hampton, owner of Sentinel Inspections is the type of home inspector about which every buyer dreams. "I love educating people about their homes. There's a lot home owners might do differently if they knew how their house worked." He is certified to perform home inspections as well as asbestos, mold, and radon testing for indoor air quality. You can watch him do his home inspections practically live via his Instagram account.

5. Mortgage - Friendly Service with Apex Home Loans

We love KC Caldwell of Apex Home Loans! This energetic, warm young man truly understands the meaning of friendly, responsive service. He can prequalify you for a loan with just a couple of documents and make the rest of the sometimes daunting mortgage process much more bearable. You will truly enjoy working with him and you will feel confident that he will take care of all the details. Check out what makes him so special!

6. Title - Soup to Nuts Service with Residential Title & Escrow

No one seems to understand what a title company does until they have an issue with their title. Then, the quality of your title company becomes the most important thing in your life because they are who will keep you IN your house after you bought your house. That's why Alicia Small of Residential Title & Escrow is our favorite account manager for purchases in 19 states. Alicia loves people and works hard. In fact, we have seen her drive halfway across the state to pick up an escrow check so that a client could move forward with their transaction after a realtor mishap. Wow! You can't ask for better service than that!

7. Cleaning - Extraordinary Cleanliness with Bubble Maids

When one of our home stagers walk through your house, we are going to recommend professional cleaning, period. That's because decluttering and moving around furniture and decor will stir up dust and allergens long hidden in the corners of your house. Potential buyers are MUCH more likely to make an offer on a clean house than a dirty house; it's basic human instinct. Jana Rodrigo of Bubble Maids is our favorite of the four companies we have tried in the area. We especially love the option to use our own, nontoxic cleaners and pay for a little more elbow grease because what we inhale matters to our health.

8. Contractor - Reliable Renovations with CS Construction

We have seen the results of many a renovation gone bad. Low quality renovations by

inexperienced and often unlicensed contractors make for wasted money, delayed projects and difficulty selling homes. But not so with Samir Mammadov of CS Construction! Samir has been working with the same team of expert renovators for many years and is, himself, an investor. He offers excellent service, accurate pricing, and timely completion of all projects. What a winning combination!

That's it! Those are all the vendors with whom we have worked on previous projects and whom we trust to take care of your project. We hope you enjoy their services and tell them "Hi!" from our team at Calm Castle.

P.S. We don't get any financial gain from this free advertising... just the opportunity to help those people who have helped us take care of our clients.

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