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Four Times Home Staging Is Not Worth It

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

There are many times that home staging is the make-or-break marketing decision that will move your vacant property faster off the market and, according to statistics, for more money. However, we do not always recommend an investment in home staging because it's not always worth it. Here are four times that vacant home staging (with an average cost of $2,000 to $4,000 per project) is not worth the cost.

1. You get a potential buyer who has spatial intelligence.

These people are the 20% of home buyers who have sufficient spatial intelligence as to be able to imagine their own furniture at the right scale in your listing pictures and showings. That's right: 1 out of 5 people can do this. Everyone else feels like it's a crap shoot on whether their furniture will fit into the space or not unless they have a reference point of someone else's furniture to compare.

2. You get a potential buyer who is a current or former home industry professional.

This group (comprised of current and former realtors, builders, interior designers and home stagers) represents 3% of the U.S. population and has extensive experience with residential properties. By working with hundreds of properties over a career spanning a decade or more, people in this group have built up a strong understanding of how floor plans will affect furniture layout and they’re confident of their abilities to assess a property’s fit.

3. You're selling a property at an incredibly low price.

That's right, money talks and most people will begin to overlook their concerns of whether their furniture is going to fit properly when they consider how much money they could save every month by buying this house instead of another one. In fact, we had one real estate agent hire us to talk a seller out of home improvement and staging, in favor of competitive pricing and quick sale. That wasn't our favorite job but the realtor had an accurate point.

4. You're selling a property in a hot, hot, hot location.

Location, location, location: those are the three most important aspects of real estate. When it's a strong seller's market in a specific location, sellers have to try less hard to get buyers to bite and this means less effort on marketing. When a buyer wants to live in a certain location more than anything, he or she will be willing to overlook concerns about how the furniture will fit. Of course, not all seller's markets are devoid of vacant staging and it depends greatly on what your competition is doing.

When You Do Need Home Staging, Call Calm Castle

If you believe your buyer may be apart of the remaining 77% of the population or you want to price your home up to its market value in a normal demand location, you may need vacant staging to showcase your property in the best light!

We provide itemized estimates on our occupied staging, vacant staging and interior decoration services! Call or text 443-990-1110 or email us at contact@calmcastle.com.

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