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Calming the Bed Chamber

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Home staging a bedroom is like coloring by numbers: just a few tried-and-true concepts will transform your bedroom from a dumping ground to a serene space that you (and potential buyers) will love!

1. Find the focal wall

This is usually the wall opposite the entry unless the entry is on a diagonal or the opposite wall is covered with windows. In those cases, it is the wall farthest from traffic patterns (between doors and windows.)

2. Anchor the room

Center the headboard here, then decorate with wall art on a parallel to the headboard (either a single landscape or a set of up to three square pieces.)

3. Dress the bed

Add sheets, a comforter and pillows. Ensure your naked box spring doesn’t show by using a bedskirt and getting a large enough blanket that hangs at lease three inches below the box spring line on all sides. We also like really fuzzy, warm throw blankets to curl up for a nap.

4. Flank the bed

Add night tables and lighting on either side of the bed. This can be a combination of one floor lamp on one side and a night table with table lamp on the other side —OR— two night tables with two table lamps.

5. Keep it clean and calm

It may sound really obvious but a messy bedroom is the last thing people want to see. Put away everything in closets and dressers (even if just in a pile.) Give yourself and your potential buyers a space to relax!

These are some of our favorite bedroom staging tips. How about you?

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