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A Disabled Veteran with a Home Staging Vision

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

There are many staging companies but only this one is mine. I am a Veteran and my business serves a higher purpose.

Yes, this butter-bar modeling for the photo has not deployed. I have. ;)

It’s true – I love staging homes for sale so that they sell faster and for more money.

It’s true – I believe a small business can and should run as professionally as a big business.

It’s true – I love serving our realtor clients and our seller clients with personable and profitable service.

But, that's not the reason I started this company.

I was sitting on the couch in the middle of the night at the Veteran’s House of the Rocky Mountain Hyperbaric Association. (This awesome Veteran Service Organization provides free food, housing and oxygen treatment to Vets with trauma and brain injury.) In between treatments, I had been searching for service jobs that would allow me to attend my constantly-shifting schedule (up five therapy sessions and 20 hours per week.) I found none.

No, not, one.

I began to pray, “God! What am I going to do? I’ve been doing this PTSD healing thing for a year now and I’ve finally gotten well enough to work part-time but I can’t find any work that allows me to set my own schedule without having to sell something! How can this be when there are so many people like me: other disabled people, students, people with other jobs, and stay-at-home parents? How come there’s no place we can work without selling our soul to the company?”

So, I did what any Army Officer faced with no good options would do: I created my own option.

Enter, Calm Castle Home Staging.

Our mission is to impact central Maryland with the love of Christ. Our purpose is to provide meaningful, part-time, service-based work to the disabled, student, under-employed and house-parent. When you choose us, you're supporting our vision and our team members—all of whom are members of this hard-to-hire population.

I promise you won't be disappointed.



Owner, Veteran Entrepreneur

Calm Castle Home Staging

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