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Occupied Staging Portfolio

Staying in your property while listing? You want our Staged-to-Sell Plans, which are WRITTEN reports with custom recommendations in a checklist format. Our clients love them so much, we have an 80% or better implementation rate! We offer several upgrades to our basic report, including:

    + Rehab Additions (for selecting the right cosmetic upgrades that will help sell the property, including appliances, counters, fixtures, flooring, paint and floor plan diagrams)

    + Move-in Plans (for measuring your existing furniture to determine how it will fit in your new place using floor plan diagrams)

    + Staging Implementation (for getting help rearranging your furniture and decor according to our recommendations). 

Staged-to-Sell Country House in Carroll County, Maryland

These clients worked so hard to declutter and rearrange their furniture and decor! Good thing--they sold within one month!

"It was actually a lot of fun! Now, we have some good ideas for our new place."

-Michele M., Seller

Staged-to-Sell Townhouse in Baltimore County, Maryland

A new baby meant more stuff for these clients who decluttered and donated lots of kids' stuff in order to set up these gorgeous shots. The result? A full price offer in two weeks!

"Our place looked so good, we didn't want to leave."

-Warren H., Seller

Staged-to-Sell House in Harford County, Maryland

Most people think that staging a home well requires new furniture and decor; not so! This project proves that antique pieces, properly arraged can showcase a transitional home without issue.

"We implemented the changes you recommended and they were life-changing."

-Mary B., Seller

Staged-to-Sell House in Howard County, Maryland

This client was moving out of state to be closer to his kids after the death of his wife. His home had been in some disarray due to caring for her chronic condition but once we gave him a checklist of what he needed to do, he rolled up his sleeves and---sold his house above asking price!