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Calm Castle, LLC  "As Unto the Lord"

(443) 990-1110  contact@calmcastle.com



Tenay has a Bachelors of Arts in Biology from Johns Hopkins University and a Masters of Business Administration from the College of William and Mary. At Calm Castle, she does every job but specializes in running the company in line with our vision as well as establishing and maintaining excellent Realtor and Investor relations. She's an Iraq Veteran and continues to serve in the United States Army Reserve.




Geri has over 20 years of experience in professional services, including book-keeping. At Calm Castle, she coordinates our day-to-day services for our clients. She answers all client inquiries, provides estimates, schedules services and issues invoices.

Service Manager, Finance Lead



Lesa has over 20 years of experience in Real Estate including being a former Realtor and a property rehabber. At Calm Castle, she absolutely loves providing in-home Occupied Staging services for seller clients staying in the home during listing, or for buyer clients who want to have their home staged after moving in. She also helps Christy provide Vacant Staging services.

Occupied Stager



Christy has over 15 years of experience in Interior Design and Graphic Design. At Calm Castle, she meticulously provides our fire-and-forget Vacant Staging services for seller clients who have an under-furnished or vacant room or home.

Vacant Stager



It all started in 2013, when Tenay, the Owner of Calm Castle, decided to sell her first property. Having watched tons of HGTV over the years, she set aside a $2,500 budget to make her condo shine in the no-defects market of Northern Virginia. That bought her some granite, outlet stainless steel appliances and upgraded linens. When her condo sold for $10,000 above all the comps (that's a 400% return on investment), she realized she might be onto something. Years later, Calm Castle Clients and the National Association of Realtors Statistics agreed: staging sells homes faster and for top dollar!


In 2015, she decided to create the kind of business she wished she could find--one that provided her the flexibility to fulfill her ever-changing schedule. Since then, the Stagers at Calm Castle have helped countless Realtors and their Sellers get their properties on and off the market. Our common sense, common taste suggestions are easy to implement and pack a big punch with most homes under contract in one month!

In 2017, we transitioned to a business model that creates meaningful and creative, service-based part-time work for the underemployed, the disabled, the student and the house parent. We have begun to use our Vision Statement to revolutionize the part-time service industry so that people can still work in a thriving small business while having enough time to care for job, their health, their education and their family. As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business, creating opportunities for people to become healthier and happier is a priority.

As our team and expertise have grown over the years, we expanded our services to include a warehouse with rental furniture and accessories. Then, we expanded again to serve Home Owners who can't get enough of the Calm Castle experience when staging their properties to sell. 


We know that being invited into your home during a stressful season is a privilege. That's why we only hire Stagers who love people as well as design. We don't believe in memorized scripts that leave you feeling like "just another number"; we believe in compassion, care and consideration for our clients.​ Our 2016 & 2018 Houzz Best Service Awards say it all: our clients love us!



Dated September 2, 2016 (Updated April 5, 2018)


Calm Castle, LLC will consistently provide high quality staging and design services to clients in central Maryland in order to demonstrate the love of Christ. Method We achieve our mission through a two-pronged method (with associated values, underneath):

Method 1.    Conduct all of our work as if God was our boss: an all-seeing, all-knowing, all-good boss with high standards for how we work.

Value a.    Quality in our services

Value b.    Creativity in our solutions

Value c.    Professionalism in our operations

Value d.    Wisdom in our approaches

Method 2.    Conduct all of our work with God’s heart for others, being selfless in how we treat people.

Value a.    Freedom in work schedule for our employees

Value b.    Balance in work load for our employees

Value c.    Deference to our employees, customers, clients, vendors, and investors desires

Value d.    Transparency in our operations for our investors

Value e.    Preference to our local community in vendor selection

Value f.    Communication using a 7:1 ratio of affirming to constructive comments for our employees, customers, clients, vendors, and investors



Our ultimate objective is that God is glorified by our conduct, because we publicly associate our company with His name. Specifically, this means:

End-state 1.    Calm Castle is a sufficiently profitable and locally influential business.

End-state 2.    Our employees have the energy to work well and the emotional strength to love our customers and clients well.

End-state 3.    Our customers and their clients are so satisfied with our services that they receive us as friends.

End-state 4.    Our investors are confident in the conduct of our business and expectant of their promised returns.

End-state 5.    Our community are better connected as neighbors.


Professional Certification

We believe in doing things right, the first time. That’s why we pursued top-quality training and certification as soon as we got started operations. Why reinvent the wheel when successful stagers can teach the science of staging?

Professional Business Processes

We were founded by a business student and human capital consultant who believes in the power of knowledge management, lean six sigma and a well-organized team

Community Relationships

We believe that businesses only thrive in healthy communities and healthy communities only exist where neighborliness is a commonplace occurrence. We go the extra mile in our relationships with our workers and vendors, our clients and their clients.

High Customer Satisfaction Rating

Houzz is the housing industry’s premier online community. Our 5-star service ratings got us the “Best of Houzz: CUSTOMER SERVICE” award right out the gate and again in year three!